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International Shipping Companies to Wanganui, North Island, NZ, New ZealandCargoMaster, a leading logistics company, recognises the significance of Whanganui, also spelled Wanganui, situated in the breathtaking Manawatū-Whanganui region of New Zealand. Nestled on the west coast of the North Island, at the mouth of the Whanganui River, this city thrives as a vibrant urban center. Boasting a population of approximately 42,600 as of June 2022, Whanganui stands as the 19th most-populous urban area in New Zealand and the second-most-populous in the Manawatū-Whanganui region.

Strategically positioned on the South Taranaki Bight, near the entrance of the Whanganui River, Whanganui benefits from its favorable location. With Wellington lying 200 km (120 mi) to the south and Palmerston North 75 km (47 mi) to the southeast, the city serves as a crucial junction for transportation. State Highways 3 and 4 intersect here, facilitating seamless connectivity. Embracing the river’s northwestern bank, Whanganui showcases its expansive flat lands and boasts five bridges, including the renowned Cobham Bridge, City Bridge, Dublin Street Bridge, Aramoho Railway Bridge (dedicated to rail and pedestrians), and a remarkable Cycle bridge inaugurated in 2020.

International Shipping Companies to Wanganui, North Island, NZ, New Zealand

Whanganui’s picturesque landscape captivates both locals and visitors alike, offering stunning views of Mount Ruapehu and Mount Taranaki from prominent viewpoints like Durie Hill. This breathtaking backdrop adds to the city’s allure and reinforces its status as a desirable destination.

Complementing its natural beauty, Whanganui experiences a temperate climate that enhances its appeal. The city basks in slightly above-average sunshine, with around 2,100 hours per annum, and enjoys an annual rainfall of approximately 900 mm (35 in). While light frosts occasionally grace its winters, the district’s temperate climate renders it suitable for diverse agricultural endeavors. Notably, in 2012, the Federated Farmers Whanganui president highlighted the region’s agricultural viability due to its moderate climate, allowing various farming activities to flourish.
International Shipping Companies to Wanganui, North Island, NZ, New Zealand

Whanganui has not only captivated visitors but has also garnered international recognition for its innovative and intelligent community initiatives. The Intelligent Community Forum has consistently included Whanganui in its prestigious Smart21 Intelligent Communities list from 2013 to 2016. This recognition speaks to the city’s dedication to fostering technological advancements and creating a prosperous and forward-thinking community.

The city’s economic landscape boasts a robust industry base, with a rich history of niche manufacturing. Notable businesses, such as Q-West Boat Builders, have made their mark by constructing exceptional vessels for clients across New Zealand and worldwide. Q-West Boat Builders, located at the Port of Whanganui, even secured a contract in 2015 to construct two 34-meter passenger ferries for Auckland’s esteemed ferry company, Fullers. Another shining example of niche manufacturing in the district is Pacific Helmets, which earned a Silver Pin at the esteemed Best Design Awards in October 2015. Whanganui’s primary industrial hub, Heads Road, houses several manufacturing and engineering operations. While the Wanganui Port no longer dominates industrial transport, it remains a hub for the renowned Q-West boat building operation. An illustrious company, F. Whitlock & Sons Ltd, founded in 1902, holds a notable place in Whanganui’s industrial history.

International Shipping Companies to Wanganui, North Island, NZ, New Zealand

Whanganui’s economic prosperity intertwines closely with its fertile and thriving farming hinterland. Renowned for cultivating exceptional pear varieties, including the famous Crimson Gem, the city benefits from its agricultural endeavors. However, in May 2016, Whanganui faced a significant setback as the majority of its pear crop was devastated before the upcoming harvest season, underscoring the inherent risks in agriculture.

Encompassing a sprawling area of 2,337 km2 (902 sq mi), the Whanganui District predominantly comprises hill country. The region boasts a narrow coastal strip of flat land and a major urban settlement along the lower banks of the Whanganui River. The Whanganui National Park, established in 1986, encompasses a significant portion of this area, showcasing its natural beauty and preserving its ecological treasures.

At the heart of the region lies the majestic Whanganui Awa, the second-largest river in the North Island and the longest navigable waterway in New Zealand. Stretching over an impressive 290 km (180 mi), the river originates from the heights of Mount Tongariro and gracefully makes its way to the coast of Wanganui, where it meets the Tasman Sea. Each bend and rapid along its course, with 239 listed rapids, is overseen by a guardian, or kaitiaki, entrusted with maintaining the life force, or mauri, of that specific stretch of the river. This sacred connection between the people and the river exemplifies the profound respect and admiration the community holds for their natural environment.

In the heart of this vibrant city, CargoMaster offers comprehensive logistics solutions to cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals in Whanganui and beyond. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we strive to support the growth and success of the region’s economy by providing efficient and reliable freight services.

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SAILING WEEKLY FROM SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE, PERTH, ADELAIDE, TOWNSVILLE:International Shipping Companies to Wanganui, North Island, NZ, New Zealand


CargoMaster offers weekly sea freight shipping of containers from all Australian capitals to Wanganui and surrounds. CargoMaster will organise the delivery of shipping containers to almost anywhere in Australia for stuffing (packing), or you can pack your container in one of CargoMaster’s packing yards (no hurry you get 12 days to pack your container!). All types of equipment available for sea transportation to Wanganui, including 20ft and 40ft containers, high cube containers and 20 and 40 ft flat racks.

International Shipping Companies to Wanganui, North Island, NZ, New Zealand

CargoMaster moves a wide variety of cargo to by sea freight, for anyone lucky enough to be moving to Wanganui or Marlborough sounds, ask CargoMaster about Self Pack International Shipping Containers, a low-cost alternative to expensive removalists! Self-Pack international moving containers can be delivered to your home in Australia for packing.

CargoMaster moves all types of commodities in shipping containers (and on flat racks) to NZ, including, mining machinery, construction equipment, cars, trucks, boats, household goods and personal effects, machinery of all shapes and sizes! CargoMaster offers a Door to Port or Door to Door service for shipping containers to New Zealand.

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Border agencies The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) along with New Zealand Customs Service and the Department of Immigration, have specific requirements for people moving personal effects/household possessions to New Zealand. The following guide is put together by MPI – please refer to New Zealand Customs and the Department of Immigration websites for further information in those areas. Clearance of goods An inspector will assess documentation presented to MPI for possible risk goods. If an inspection of your personal effects is required this must be at a transitional facility and you must notify MPI of the location. If the shipment is a full sea container load an inspection of the sea container is mandatory and will be carried out by an accredited person or a MPI inspector. For more information contact MPI, your moving company, freight forwarder or customs agent. Other conditions may also apply and MPI will advise you of these at time of application. Keys may be required for any locked trunks, suitcases or vehicles.

Do not pack these goods as they may be seized unless accompanied by official certification: • Any packets of food. • Honey, pollen, propolis, honeycombs and other bee products. • Plants, bulbs, cuttings, corms, rhizomes or tubers, commercially packed seeds and seeds for planting. • Packaging such as straw or used fresh food cartons. • Items restricted under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) such as coral, ivory, snakeskin or whale bone items, turtle shell and some sea shells.

Strict biosecurity laws mean there are some items you cannot bring to New Zealand, and some other items will require inspection on arrival. Using a professional moving company, freight forwarder or import agent to help you move can be beneficial, as they can provide assistance with MPI requirements. Having an accurate and easily understood manifest of your belongings will help MPI to assess these quickly when they arrive in New Zealand. By not packing some items, or packing goods that may require inspection together, you may save costs and time. If belongings are arriving in a sea container then the container must meet the requirements of the Import Health Standard for Sea Containers

The following items must be declared as they may require inspection and in some cases certification from the country of origin:

  • Fresh or dried fruit, vegetables, mushrooms or fungi.
  • Any meat, fish, shellfish or poultry.
  • Ingredients used in cooking, all milk products, cheese, eggs or egg products, and milk based baby foods.
  • Hunting trophies or stuffed animals.
  • Traditional or herbal medicines or remedies, health supplements and homeopathic remedies that include animal or plant products.
  • Dried flower arrangements or Christmas decorations made from plant material.
  • Items made from wood.
  • Items stuffed with seeds or straw.
  • Items made of from bamboo, cane, coconut or straw.
  • Items containing hair, fur, unprocessed wool, skin, feathers or bone

Personal vehicles and other machinery such as jet skis, lawn mowers or chainsaws are also subject to biosecurity requirements and are inspected on arrival. Before shipping, vehicles should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, including underneath and around the wheels and wheel arches. If steam cleaning ensure the whole vehicle including the engine is cleaned. Contaminated vehicles will be directed for treatment and re-inspection (charges apply). For information on complying with vehicle safety regulations refer to the New Zealand Transport Agency website. For information on vehicle tax refer to New Zealand Customs Service.

The requirements for bringing pets into New Zealand depend on the type of animal, where it is from and if there is an existing import health standard for the animal. Disease concerns mean that not all types of pets are allowed into New Zealand.

Wood packaging such as crates or pallets is subject to biosecurity requirements and must be declared3 . Wood packaging must have been fumigated or heat treated before use and must be declared in the Quarantine Declaration (for full container loads) regarding container cleanliness.


“How long does sea freight take to Wanganui, New Zealand.
“Depending on the particular destination in NZ, transit times from Australia to NZ can be anywhere between 2-30 days. The transit time will depend on the origin of the cargo in Australia and the intended destination in NZ, the type of sea freight service you use will also be a factor when calculating transit times. Call CargoMaster for more exact information and the latest shipping schedules to NZ”

“How much more expensive is air freight than sea freight.
“Air freight in most cases is a lot more expensive than sea freight. The advantage is obviously transit time is quicker with air freight.”

“How much does sea freight cost”
“The cost of sea freight to NZ will depend upon where you intend shipping too. The commodity you are shipping and the origin in Australia will also be a factor when calculating CONTAINER and other shipping costs to NZ”

“Why is ocean freight so high.
“Shipping prices can be affected by a lot of outside influences. Most often the reason for higher shipping costs relates to the volumes of sea freight being moved to a particular destination, oi; prices at the time of shipping and the value of the United States dollar at the time of shipping”

“Is shipping by sea cheaper.
“In general terms yes, shipping by sea freight is your cheapest option, the time of the year and the commodity you are shipping will also be factors that will affect the cost of sea freight.”

“How much does it cost for shipping containers to Wanganui, NZ.
“Shipping container rates to NZ from Australia will vary according to where in Australia you intend to ship from. Call CargoMaster for Australia’s best shipping rates to NZ”

“How are sea freight charges calculated?
“Charges for sea freight are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of the freight and the intended destination and origin. The method of shipping will also be relevant when trying to work out shipping costs.”


Sydney to Wanganui: 5-6 Days
Melbourne to Wanganui: 3-6 Days
Brisbane to Wanganui: 3-8 Days
Fremantle (Perth) to Wanganui: 6-15 Days
Adelaide to Wanganui: 5-7 Days
Hobart/Launceston to Wanganui: 4-8 Days
Townsville to Wanganui: 6-8 Days
Darwin to Wanganui: 9-16 Days

Wanganui Airport:
Wanganui Shipping Port: Port of Wanganui

Interesting Links: Port Of Nelson, NZ Inland Revenue (Te Tari Taake), Customs Brokers NZ, NZ Primary Industries Authority, New Zealand Foreign Affairs And Trade, Reserve Bank of New Zealand


20 ft Standard Container Measurements

20 ft Standard Dry (8’6″ x 8′ x 20′)
Weight: 4500lbs
Max Gross Weight: 66,139lbs

Interior Dimensions:
Length: 19′ 5″
Width: 7′ 8-⅛”
Height: 7′ 9-⅝”

Door Opening:
Width: 7’ 8-½”, Height: 7’ 5-¾”


40 ft Standard Container Measurements

40 ft Standard Dry (8’6″ x 8′ x 40′)
Weight: 8500lbs
Max Gross Weight: 66,139lbs

Interior Dimensions:
Length: 39′ ⅜”
Width: 7′ 8-⅛”
Height: 7′ 9-⅝”

Door Opening: Width: 7’ 8-½”, Height: 7’ 5-¾”

40 ft High Cube Container Measurements

40 ft High Cube (9’6″ x 8′ x 40′)
Weight: 8750 lbs
Max Gross Weight: 68,008lb

Interior Dimensions:
Length: 39′ 4”
Width: 7′ 7”
Height: 8′ 9″

Door Opening: Width: 7’ 8″‘, Height: 8’ 5”


CargoMaster offers weekly services for break bulk shipping and shipping large items overseas. These types of services vary greatly between shipment , this area of international shipping should be left to only a few true Australian heavy shipping specialists with many years’ experience (like CargoMaster with 35 years transportation experience) Once again, you need to be very careful when choosing a international freight forwarders to handle the shipping of heavy items overseas this is a specialised transportation mode .choosing the wrong freight forwarder could be devastating and cost you heaps of money (there are plenty of stories of freight forwarders failing when it comes to shipping heavy machinery overseas.! The bottom line is Call CargoMaster if you need to ship heavy equipment from Sydney!

Dimensions of 20ft Flat Rack Container

Internal length 5.94 m / 19.5 ft
Internal width 2.35 m / 7.7 ft
Internal height 2.35 m / 7.7 ft
Tare weight 2,360 kg / 5,203.8 lbs
Payload capacity: 30,140 kg / 66,458.7 lbs
Cubic capacity 32.7 m³ / 1,154.3 cu ft

 Dimensions of 40ft Flat Rack Container

Internal length 12.13 m / 39.8 ft
Internal width 2.40 m / 7.9 ft
Internal height 2.14 m / 7 ft
Tare weight 5,000 kg / 11,025 lbs
Payload capacity: 40,000 kg / 88,200 lbs
Cubic capacity 62.2 m³ / 2,195.7 cu ft


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