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Sea Freight Services to Europe

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Europe is a landmass situated in the Northern Hemisphere, mostly located east of the Prime Meridian. It consists of the westernmost peninsulas of Eurasia, sharing the same landmass with Africa and Asia. The continent is bordered by the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and Asia to the east. Geographically, Europe is separated from Asia by various natural landforms such as the Ural Mountains, Ural River, Caspian Sea, Greater Caucasus, Black Sea, and Turkish Straits.

Covering around 10.18 million km2 (3.93 million sq mi), Europe is the second-smallest continent in the world. It represents 2% of the total area of Earth’s surface and 6.8% of its land area. The continent is politically divided into several sovereign states, with Russia being the largest and most populous, covering 39% of the continent and making up 15% of its population. According to the latest estimates, the population of Europe was approximately 745 million in 2021, which corresponds to around 10% of the world’s total.

The climate of Europe is largely influenced by the warm Atlantic currents that moderate temperatures throughout much of the continent, even in latitudes where the climate of Asia and North America is typically more severe. However, seasonal differences are more pronounced in regions farther from the coast.

Sea Freight Services to Europe

The European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe are two important international organizations aiming to represent the European continent on a political level. The Council of Europe was founded in 1948 with the idea of unifying Europe[ to achieve common goals and prevent future wars. Further European integration by some states led to the formation of the European Union, a separate political entity that lies between a confederation and a federation. The EU originated in Western Europe but has been expanding eastward since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. A majority of its members have adopted a common currency, the euro, and a large bloc of countries, the Schengen Area, have abolished internal border and immigration controls.

Europe makes up the western fifth of the Eurasian landmass. It has a higher ratio of coast to landmass than any other continent or subcontinent. Its maritime borders consist of the Arctic Ocean to the north, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas to the south. Land relief in Europe shows great variation within relatively small areas. The southern regions are more mountainous, while moving north the terrain descends from the high Alps, Pyrenees and Carpathians, through hilly uplands, into broad, low northern plains, which are vast in the east. This extended lowland is known as the Great European Plain and at its heart lies the North German Plain. An arc of uplands also exists along the north-western seaboard, which begins in the western parts of the islands of Britain and Ireland, and then continues along the mountainous, fjord-cut spine of Norway.

Sea Freight Services to Europe

Europe mostly falls within the temperate climate zone of the northern hemisphere, with prevailing westerly winds. However, despite sharing the same latitude as other regions across the globe, Europe experiences milder climates thanks to the Gulf Stream, an ocean current which carries warm water from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe, earning it the nickname “Europe’s central heating”. The warmth from the Gulf Stream not only affects the continent’s coast, but also the prevailing westerly winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean.

This phenomenon is evident in the comparison between different locations on the same latitude. Aveiro, for example, experiences an average yearly temperature of 16 °C (61 °F), much warmer than New York City’s 13 °C (55 °F) despite being almost at the same latitude and bordering the same ocean. Similarly, January temperatures in Berlin are about 8 °C (14 °F) higher than those in Calgary, and almost 22 °C (40 °F) higher than those in Irkutsk, both located around the same latitude.

Sea Freight Services to Europe

As a continent, the economy of Europe is currently the largest on Earth and it is the richest region as measured by assets under management with over $32.7 trillion compared to North America’s $27.1 trillion in 2008.[250] In 2009 Europe remained the wealthiest region. Its $37.1 trillion in assets under management represented one-third of the world’s wealth. It was one of several regions where wealth surpassed its precrisis year-end peak.[251] As with other continents, Europe has a large wealth gap among its countries. The richer states tend to be in the Northwest and West in general, followed by Central Europe, while most economies of Eastern and Southeastern Europe are still reemerging from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the breakup of Yugoslavia.


20 ft Standard Dry (8’6″ x 8′ x 20′)

20 ft Standard Container Measurements

Weight: 4500lbs
Max Gross Weight: 66,139lbs

Interior Dimensions:

Length: 19′ 5″
Width: 7′ 8-⅛”
Height: 7′ 9-⅝”

Door Opening:

Width: 7’ 8-½”
Height: 7’ 5-¾”

40 ft Standard Dry (8’6″ x 8′ x 40′)

40 ft Standard Container Measurements

Weight: 8500lbs
Max Gross Weight: 66,139lbs

Interior Dimensions:

Length: 39′ ⅜”
Width: 7′ 8-⅛”
Height: 7′ 9-⅝”

Door Opening:

Width: 7’ 8-½”
Height: 7’ 5-¾”

40 ft High Cube (9’6″ x 8′ x 40′)

40 ft High Cube Container Measurements

Weight: 8750 lbs
Max Gross Weight: 68,008lb

Interior Dimensions:

Length: 39′ 4”
Width: 7′ 7”
Height: 8′ 9″

Door Opening:

Width: 7’ 8″‘
Height: 8’ 5”


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Dimensions of 20ft flat rack container

Internal length 5.94 m / 19.5 ft
Internal width 2.35 m / 7.7 ft
Internal height 2.35 m / 7.7 ft
Tare weight 2,360 kg / 5,203.8 lbs
Payload capacity 30,140 kg / 66,458.7 lbs
Cubic capacity 32.7 m³ / 1,154.3 cu ft

Dimensions of 40ft flat rack container

Internal length 12.13 m / 39.8 ft
Internal width 2.40 m / 7.9 ft
Internal height 2.14 m / 7 ft
Tare weight 5,000 kg / 11,025 lbs
Payload capacity 40,000 kg / 88,200 lbs
Cubic capacity 62.2 m³ / 2,195.7 cu ft

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